About Us

Engineering Firm RT Impianti

Engineering Firm RT Impianti was born in Bologna in 2009 from the partnership of Riccardo Porcedda and Tommaso Spazzini.

The two partners have construction site and design experience in every Mediterranean basin country. This has led them to accumulate vast know-how in the Gas and Petrochemical sector, as well as advanced complex problem solving skills related to the design of industrial plants. This cultural baggage flows into RT Impianti, where the partners immediately undertake to transfer it to the entire work team andcontinuous training has always been a prime ingredient that characterizes the whole RT group.

Our mission is to offer customers multidisciplinary engineering services in the industrial field. RT have maintained the same external collaborations since the beginning.

This allows the company to take on highly complex assignments thanks to their reliability and professionalism.

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