Fire Protection/Prevention Engineering Services: consultant, designing, tranining


  1. Finding activities submitted to Fire department control ( DPR 151/2011)
  2. Application for evaluation of the project in accordance with fire regulations including technical report and related drawings (Ex  Compliance Request Opinion to fire regulations )
  3. Submission of “Certifiying Report for Start of activity” in respect to fire safety regulations – SCIA ( ex request for Fire Prevention Certificate issuing –CPI) with assistance during Firefighter inspection
  4. Certificates for periodical conformity of Fire prevention renewal (CPI renewal)
  5. Application for notwithstanding the Fire prevention regulations
  6.  Design, Test, Check of Compliance, Support and  Certification of installation and fire prevention and protection system,
  7. Draft of Emergency Plan and related Emergency Layout (in accordance to D.M. 10/03/08 and following)
  8. Information and training Fire prevention courses, and fire drill
  9. Costumer assistance and training for Fire Prevention Register editing


References environment (for example and not exhaustive):


  1. Mechanic
  2. Warehouse
  3. Every kind of goods storage building
  4. Petrol station at the service of factories
  5. Electrical generators at the service of factories

Service sector:

  1. Offices
  2. Schools
  3. Hotels
  4. Commercial activities with exhibition and sell point


  1. Residential building
  2. Thermal power station
  3. Garages